Introducing The Crystal Compass reading course. Join now for HUGE savings.

Do you and your clients want to join the journey towards greater self-knowledge? Then perhaps training to become a certified Crystal Compass Reader is just your thing.

The Crystal Compass is a fascinating new reading tool, which gives an in-depth and spot on reading of/to the client.

At one and the same time, a Crystal Compass reading is simple as well as complex. It is easily understandable to the client, since the procedure is simple, visual and tactual. And it is complex and deep, since it consists of several elements and layers.

Who does this training target?

Novice as well as experienced psychics and clairvoyants are more than welcome to join this training.

The training targets everybody who:

  • trusts their intuition
  • has a flair for guidance
  • has a heartfelt interest in other human beings and the clairvoyant field

The configuration of the training

The training embodies 3 sessions, which individually embody online training is 6 days (2,5 hours of training per day)  and  as well as home exercises.

  • Session 1: Basic knowledge of The Crystal Compass and of how it is read.
  • Session 2: In-depth readings and knowledge of chakra and their influence on the body’s organs, and the individual wisdom of the crystals and shared relations in the readings.
  • Session 3: Multi-dimensional readings, including readings of previous lives, timelines and other dimensions, which will appear in the Crystal Compass.

All in all, the training consists of 6 days of teaching within a period of 3 months (thereby you will be given the time to practice between the sessions). When you have completed all 3 sessions, you will become a certified Crystal Compass reader.


You save £150 when you buy the whole course
Session 1+2+3 £588,00
Your prize £438,00

INTRODUCTION PRIZE PR. SESSION IS £160,00. You SAVE £36,00 pr session

Normal prize is:

  • Session 1:  £196
  • Session 2:  £196
  • Session 3:  £196

This is including is a small (purse) and a  larger Crystal Compass kit. Worth £83,00

Session 1

Date: 7.–8. August at 13 – 15.30 pm

  • 2×2,5  hours with me, during which I teach you to read the compass, the chakra stones and the crystals.
  • A booklet of introduction to the Crystal Compass.
  • Your own Crystal Compass kit, consisting of a compass (23 cm in diameter), which can be unfolded, and 8 crystals/stones.*
  • A Session 1 Crystal Compass diploma.
  • Access to a sparring group on Facebook.

Session 2

Date: 11.-12. September at 13 – 14.30pm

  • 2×2,5  hours  during which we continue the training in the knowledge of chakra, the crystals and the stones, as well as their interrelationship in the reading.
  • Exercises in reading the Compass.
  • A Session 2 Crystal Compass diploma.

Session 3

Date:  9.-10. October at 13 – 15.30

  • 2×2.5  hours with me, during which I teach you about previous lives and their influence on current lives, in-depth readings as well as multi-dimensional reading.
  • Training with volunteer test clients.
  • A Session 3 Crystal Compass diploma.

When all 3 sessions are completed, you can works professionally as Crystal Compass-reader.


The sessions will be conducted online. If you request that I conduct sessions nearby your location, feel free to contact me. We might be able to arrange that.

Down the line, there will be a superstructure to the Crystal Compass education, in which you will be able to train being a certified Crystal Compass educator.

The client’s subconscious and the possibilities of the client evolve like this during a Crystal Compass reading:

The Crystal Compass consists of several turfs, and each of them symbolize something specific. In the reading, you proceed on the knowledge of the chakras, the stones and the crystals. Therefore, it is a combined reading of chakras, stones and crystals as well as the Crystal Compass itself.

Quite specifically, a reading proceeds as follows: The client picks up the crystals and holds them in the hand, asks their question and throw the crystals onto the Crystal Compass mat. Hence, you read the Compass by looking at the placement of the crystals on the mat.

In the reading, you will be able to glance at the points your client should focus on. On the Crystal Compass mat, the rocks will draw a “map” of:

  • Hidden potential
  • Challenges and barriers
  • The influence of the past on the future (both the current pasts and the influence of previous lives)

Based on the reading, you and your client will have a dialogue about what their subconscious wants to tell them regarding the question they asked. Simultaneously, the Crystal Compass will show them, which opportunities and tools they can pursue regarding the question they asked.

The development of the Crystal Compass

I have worked with rocks/crystals and chakras individually for many years. With the Crystal Compass, I have gathered all of them in one reading, which is tactual as well as visual. To the client, it signifies that the reading will be much more tangible and easier to grasp.

An intensive, inspired development

During the winter of 2019, I attended the Mystikkens Univers Fair in Copenhagen, in which I came across two women throwing runes on a mat, which they then read to the visitors. I wanted to try that, and right there the inspiration behind the Crystal Compass came to me – and the inspiration was very powerful and remained within me for a long time. It resulted in the development of the Crystal Compass during 2020, in which I have worked intensively with testing and developing the Crystal Compass.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback, I have received after my Crystal Compass readings is the reason why I have established these Crystal Compass training sessions.

About Súsanna

My name is Súsanna Vígdá, and I was born and raised on the Faroe Islands.

In the Faroe Islands, we have always lived in close harmony with nature. The forces around us are fierce – ancient volcanic islands, harsh weather, stormy oceans and raw mountains. There is a widespread trust in the higher powers, as it has always been a necessity on an island like ours. I carry that faith and strength with me.

My goal is to make spirituality a recognized useful part of everyday life, be it on a professional or private level.


  • Session 1:  £196
  • Session 2:  £196
  • Session 3:  £196